USD40k Saving Or More

USD40k Saving Or More

A local container logistics firm was encountering operating cost challenges as they couldn’t contain the high costs of their fleets. Having forty five fleets operating under organization, they noticed higher maintenance costs and fuel usages than the expected distances traveled. After conducting several investigation, it was made clear that engine idling could be the culprit. Further internal investigation has also shown that there was a staggering four hours of average idling per fleet happening at daily basis.


The situation was alarming as there wasn’t any system in place put control over their fleet operations. The management was worried as they were always kept in the dark and had no one to turn to in monitoring and tracking their fleet operations.


The firm turned to Lindzie and started deploying fuel tracking and monitoring based on their newly introduce fleet operation policies, particularly on engine idling rules and parameters. Through alerts and easy to understand dashboard, their fleet managers have both high level to low level visibility across each as every fleet operations in realtime. This offers the fleet manager very useful information to react to such situational change.


To make the whole change more meaningful, the firm has decided to offer incentive program based on their driver’s performance, which is measured based on KPIs generated within Lindzie fleet management platform. The results in two months? The firm has successfully reduced engine idling by 50% with estimated total saving of USD40,000 per annum for all its fleet of trucks.


The firm was very impressed with the results and this marks also their first step to their fleet management journey. Expanding from the current system capabilities, the firm would further take advantage of Lindzie system for much streamlined fleet operations, optimized top line and bottom line, greater customer experience and more.

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