Software Customization & Integration

Streamline your fleet operation performance and future proof your business through Lindzie custom development

Introduce change in your business with Lindzie customized fleet telematics solutions that deliver unrivalled efficiency, security, business value and impact across your organization.

Development & Integration Services
lindzie fleet management software development customization third party data integration

Lindzie fleet management solution is an off-the-shelf telematics platform packed with tons of baseline capabilities. Many enterprise organizations after benefiting from our fleet management reckon that they could further streamline their business operation through extended telematics functionalities. That is where Lindzie customization and third-party application integration come in to unlock more value from your telematics.


At Lindzie, we provide both software customization and integration services onto Lindzie fleet management solution. Be it finance, human resource & payroll, billing, warehouse, fleet maintenance or health & safety, Lindzie telematics offers the best-in-class platform to help you address your complex business problems, including:


  • Data integration where Lindzie fleet management platform would be integrated onto one or more third party application(s). Be it a custom-built software, or Oracle E-Business Suite, we have the expertise to help you address your business needs.
  • Mobile app enhancement service that would address specific business problems. For example, a route-optimization for a dispatch service based on multiple pick-up and multiple drop-off.
  • Operation automation that automates workflow any repetitive tasks, and responding to events with customized behaviors.
  • Push notifications, for both web apps and mobile apps, based on event-based policies implemented. The live data feeds from telematics devices would trigger thresholds-based events.
  • Custom reporting to provide business-specific data analysis.

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