Fuel Theft Alert

Combating fuel theft through technology

Fuel Theft Management

Foolproof data to unveil the truth

Utilizing the in-vehicle fuel sensor to acquire fuel level data in real-time, Lindzie fuel theft alarm detects excessive fuel consumption, pinpoints root causes, identifies culprits to how the perform their act and prevents any similar incidents.

Enforce your policy controls to suite your needs

A typical fuel tank monitoring would involve a fuel sensor acquiring, in real-time, fuel level data from a fuel tank of a vehicle. The fuel sensor is connected to a in-vehicle-mounted telematics device, which collects these data before transmitting them to Lindzie server for further processing and automatically triggers notifications, email, SMS, etc., to fleet managers, if fuel consumption irregularity occurs.


Lindzie event-trigger rules are highly robust and customizable. Depending on your theft monitoring and prevention needs, Lindzie platform allows as many policy control rules as you want to implement. For example, correlating every single aspects of your fleet vehicles, drivers, traveling routes, stops between trips, and more.