Job Dispatch Management

Highly efficient routes coordination and deliveries through route optimization and schedule process automation

Job Dispatch Management

Job Management

  • Full lifecycle job process automation, from creating to completing jobs
  • Create, assign and track onsite jobs from your application
  • Comprehensive bird-eye-view dashboard console with statistics and more

Digital Map Integration

  • Large library of supported digital maps to suite your budget, needs and expectation
  • Last minute job request can be added and automatically scheduled directly on your digital map or through menu-and-button options

Live Statistics

  • Reviewing job operation of the day in real-time graphical statistics to validate if any scheduled or important jobs are going to delay or not completed
  • Purpose-driven information turns data into actionable insight. Being individual driver or fleet-wide information, you can visibility across fleet operation in time to address any unanticipated issues

Dispatch Reports

  • Dispatch reports provides indication of potential inefficiencies in dispatch and job assignments
  • Use dispatch reports to tie up all loose ends for faster job completion with lesser resources
  • Dispatch reports are on demand and can be used to carry out any audit trial or investigation

Mobile Apps

Enable your digital workforce productivity through mobility for better collaboration and increased operational speed and efficiency. Take full advantage of our multi-channel responsive user interfaces accessible via web and mobile devices, such as web applications, Garmin FMI devices, iOS and Android.


Need a mobile app to improve your operational needs? Use our APIs for easy customization and integration for faster time to market.

Route Optimization

Streamline processes, reduce fuel costs and improve overall efficiency through route optimization.

Automatically plan routes based on multiple stops in the most efficient way based on all your criteria. Mid-day orders can be easily scheduled into route flow in the most optimal way for quicker, more accurate deliveries.

Make your deliveries using lesser trip, lesser engine idle with the shortest amount of time and with the lowest costs today!

lindzie fleet management custom support service

Application customization and Integration

Be it on-premise or cloud application, you can now securely integrate with any third party application using Lindzie APIs to automate your business


Build and integrate a simple customer data synchronization for multiple applications, or highly complex processing opportunities, orders, etc., Lindzie simple yet powerful APIs is your right choice of platform to maximize the value of your IT software application investments.

Professional Services

You got a use case but could not find the right resource to help? Look no further. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on transforming your business. Talk to us today for a non-obligation discussion.

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