Event-Based Geofence

Geofence to pinpoint inefficiencies in your fleet vehicles, equipment and workers at scale

Event-Based Geofence

Design simplicity for complex problem solving

  • Draw your geofence on map to suite your needs, either route, circle or polygon style
  • Define your control policies, e.g.: making sure all vehicles stay on the pre-specified routes, through rule-based configuration to trigger notifications.
  • For example, a vehicle that goes off route will set off the alarm to alert fleet manager

Relevant information in a large-scale fleet operation

  • Efficiently managing hundreds of thousands of geofences in any instance, and shows only relevant information
  • Assign geofence into group for management simplicity
  • Geofence overview pane allows fleet managers to immediately tell which geofence goes under with group

Precision searches when you need them

  • Powerful search capability that effectively solves multi-dimensional search query and correctly identifies which a group and its associated geofence

Managing data in bulk

  • Bulk add, move, ungroup and delete operation feature eliminates tedious and time-consuming administrative work
  • Geofence data import and export supporting KML and KMZ file formats