Trip Management

Keeping you on top of every trip you made

Trip Management

Measuring distance using odometer

Lindzie trip management would measure distance traveled by a vehicle either using telematics device or Lindzie server through GPS position updates.


Depending on the telematics devices, device with in-built odometer capability can capture distance data every second before transmitting the acquired feeds to Lindzie server for further tracking and monitoring processing. In cases where a telematics device without in-built odometer, the trip distance will rely on Lindzie server processing using GPS position updates.

Trip Reports

Through Lindzie trip management, fleet managers can get insights into details of each trip and idle time based on vehicles they choose to analyze.
Other variables, such as engine start/stop, traveling time and distance, location address, travel distance and speed (average and max.) for the trips. Fleet managers have many filters and sorting options, such as sum total of time, date range, and more, to generate report to fit their needs.