Preventive Maintenance

Machine downtime is one of the key issues businesses have to deal with.

Preventive Maintenance

Track and monitor planned or unplanned maintenance and repair schedule

For fleet operators, predictive maintenance is a huge issue that Lindzie is addressing. Depending on fleet operational requirement, operators can deploy as many device sensors (tire pressure for example) mounted across a fleet vehicle to send data streams back to Lindzie telematics platform. In that data stream, the operating condition of the tires is periodically sent to Lindzie platform, and would trigger alarm and notification exceeded the tolerance limit variables, such as tire temperature, pressure.

Fleet vehicles downtime leads to added expenses and loss of revenue

Making use of these actionable data could not only safeguard your valuable cargos, fleet vehicles from damaging, the public and your employees safety would also get protected.

Wide array of fleet vehicle monitoring variables for complex maintenance requirement

Fleet maintenance is tightly associated with time and/or distance a fleet vehicle has been put to work. Be it odometer-triggered distance based or running-engine operating hours based maintenance, you can include as many maintenance event rules to get make sure that your vehicle health is properly monitored.


For example, you may want to define your routine maintenance interval variable by distance, with threshold set at 15,000km for under utilized vehicles; whilst 7,000km maintenance interval for heavily used vehicles. Vehicles with similar maintenance requirement can be grouped under the same category for better management.


When needed, fleet managers can include notes into the comment section, such as wearing tire tread, timing-chain early wear, etc. with maintenance reminders, so that drivers taking over the shift or next-service technician can be aware the potential issues.

Maintenance logs, reminders and early warning notification

Fleet operators can any custom fields the maintenance event logs using the prebuilt maintenance reminder templates. This allows you to add fields such as spare parts replacement and its associated cost into the maintenance logs.


Using the notification services and rule-based settings, fleet managers and drivers can get notified either within Lindzie web or mobile app, SMS or email, when incident occurs in real-time.