Device Installation & Integration

Visualize, analyze and get notified of the operating data of your fleet vehicles working in real-time

Set pace in your fleet operation with fleet telematics implementation, from basic installation of GPS tracking devices to complex integration and monitoring of highly sophisticated devices.  

Device Installation & Integration Services

More often than not, fleet operators are finding ways to optimize both their top and bottom line. They turn to each and every part of their fleet operations, from cost saving, to road-safety and more. At Lindize, we offer device installation and integration for wide range of telematics use cases, from integration of additional camera systems, to fuel tank sensory, and more onto your existing tracking terminals.


As a fleet operator, you may want to increase the security of your cargo by only allowing container doors to unlock only your delivery truck reaches your pre-approved geo-location. In another respect, your company may want to accurately identify and grasp of your fleet operating cost, in a per trip perspective.


Let Lindzie help you save time and boost productivity through our full lifecycle telematics device configuration and deployment, from installation, configuration, decommissioning, and more.

Contact us today and tell us how Lindzie can assist on your telematics devices installation and integration.