Enterprise Application Integration

Remarkably powerful platform to implement and solve abundance of solutions

Preventive Maintenance

Seamless user experience through simplified development code, and shorten development time

Many organizations may have the best of breed applications to help them achieve their business goals. However, most of them still face application silos challenges that cause their business operations to slow down. They may have a relevant piece of important data but just do not know where to get to it.


Lindzie Enterprise Application Integration breaks the barrier by enabling real-time sharing of key data elements across your business organization. Using our Lindzie APIs for your application integration reduces cost and complexity, increases accuracy, decreases duplication of data, and allows for faster innovation.


Lindzie application integration APIs allows your software developers to create and edit RESTful service definitions. Through our RESTful APIs integration, your software programmers can quickly call a specific SQL statement in your Lindzie system database for users, tracks, events, event-rules, and more. Start unifying all your key data elements today by connecting all your processes across your business organization, from finance, operation, HR, contract labor, partners and more.

Simplify application integration and process automation

Validate your codes before rolling them out to staging/ production. Use our pre-built test script feature to run section of your scripts in your script editor.


Receive REST requests, perform your own business logic in the database, fetch and format results that you will supply. Add additional layers of security at your web services, you may want include client authentication.


Lindzie Enterprise Application Integration allows developers to choose the programming language they prefer to use. Our APIs support a diverse software development languages. It enables fleet operators onboard Lindzie to seamlessly integrate and interoperate with any third party applications, for example automating repetitive business tasks and processes in your business environment.