Dashboard Console

Visibility to your entire fleet organization on demand

Dashboard Console

Monitoring your fleet operation from a single pane of glass

Lindzie dashboard console offers a centralized location to access, interact and analyze all your fleet operational information in real-time. You can effortlessly obtain actionable insights based on total distance traveled, engine idling, time spent onsite, and more. Lindzie dashboard console enables fleet managers to have control over their overall fleet operation through smarter and data-driven insights.

Real-Time Metrics

Utilizing the in-dashboard real-time graphical performance metrics, fleet managers can efficiently pinpoint weaknesses and threats that could be potentially costly to fleet organization.

At a glance, fleet managers get to know:

  • how many vehicles are moving?
  • How many of them are idling?
  • Are the drivers leaving their door opened with engine turned on?

This would give fleet managers an idea of their operating capacity for that day and more.

Through real-time dashboard data, fleet organizations can react quicker to situation and solve incidents that may potentially lead to much severe problems.

Custom dashboard console layout

Customize your dashboard to suite your needs for seamless user experience. Our purpose built dashboard customization allows you to display information that matters to you the most, such as showing engine idle or offline device/vehicles.


Customize a dashboard layout that suites you through our drag and drop mechanism enables the yoou to shift dashboard elements, change a sorting order or put a dashboard element in a particular place.

Mobile dashboard

Available in mobile web application, mobile apps, Lindzie dashboard console offers seamless collaboration and management for employees who are always on the go.