Tracking and notification

Real-time tracking and notification

Define your fleet operation using custom business rules and KPIs and track your fleets in real-time at a glance at anytime, anywhere.


Supporting over 700 telematics GPS tracking devices, you can get your devices connected to our system on the fly.

Data Analysis

Fleet operation and event reports

Generate any standard reports, from idle time, on-site time, eco-drive scoring, and many more; as well as any type of custom reports that you need.


Use of our APIs to get your fleet operation data feed streamed onto your existing applications.

Employee Productivity

Job optimization and management

Zoom into the fieldwork right from your office. Track and monitor your employees performance and get real-time update of their progress and fleet productivity.


Optimize equipment resource utilization and workforce assignments through the use of our in-built job optimization engine.


Mobile app and mobile responsive web

Take full control of your fleet management and operation. Use our mobile responsive web application interface or mobile apps to track and manage your fleet operation.


Through Lindzie mobility solutions, fieldworkers can check their job in hand, update and report their work progress, such as job completion, and more.

Scalability Architecture

Large-scale operation and management

Lindzie fleet management system is designed to scale up to 20,000 fleets in a single instance, you can comfortably manage your fleet as your business grows.


Take full advantage of our fleet assets grouping feature that automatically inherits all your business rules across all grouped fleets for simplified management.

SOS and alerts

Fleet security, cargo and employee protection

Take full advantage of Lindzie real-time tracking, alerts and SOS integration to make sure that your fleet vehicles, cargos and employees safety are protected.


Define your control policies, from cargo door opening when reaches warehouse, alert manager when fleet travels off delivery route, to device going offline, and more.

Tracking & Monitoring

Streamline transportation & logistics

Lindzie Fleet Management utilizes realtime fleet data acquired from telematics technologies to streamline and manage all types of road transportation assets operation.

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Logistics Optimization

Delivery Logistics Platform

Job management streamlines the job process from job creation to job completion. Managers are able to remotely track field workers in real-time through a single pane of glass monitoring.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and Inspection

Maintenance management automatically schedules and monitors preventive maintenance activities based on a fixed interval, metered or condition based threshold.

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Job Optimization

Job optimization with less fuel and more delivery

Lindzie Fleet Management automatically optimizes job schedule. Last minute delivery is automatically scheduled using route optimization thus, lowering idle time, mileage, and fuel consumption.

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On Demand Delivery

Unleash the full potential of on-demand delivery platform

Automated B2B delivery for any B2B business. Use our open APIs to extend independent courier delivery capabilities using your existing business applications.

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Feature Highlights

Tracking & Alerts

Automated alerts and notifications based on rule-based conditions, such as geo-fence, events-base parameters (fleet traveling speed, cargo temperature, etc.).

Unified Communication

Integrated communication platforms that keeps everyone connected from email, SMS, in-app notification, in-fleet video-call in real-time with optimized interoperability among managers, systems, and database.

Preventive Maintenance

Automated rule-based scheduling that is flexible to address preventive maintenance needs for a wide range of use cases and fleet types.

Driver Behavior

Real-time alert and actionable business data of aggressive and unsafe driving behavior.

Work Management

Streamlines repair and maintenance activities through autonomous job prioritization, assignment and scheduling intelligence.

Equipment Management

Manages asset registration, health status, historical logs, acquisition and disposal.

Material Maintenance

Optimizes inventory and streamlines performance by aligning orders to real-time requirement.


Automated, full-dimensional data intelligence that delivers detailed analysis and contextual information from field to operation office.


Real-time tracking, alerts and panic button for the safety of employees, fleet and cargo.


Integrated job assignment and field operation in single pane management. Extremely flexible on-map job scheduling, and highly efficient route optimization.


Native mobile application for smartphones and tablets for drivers, field worker, and managers.


Agility and flexibility for customization and integration for any service extension through APIs or XML integration.

Lindzie is your global command center for fleet management and operation.

Purpose-driven Garmin Fleet GPS device for commercial fleets

Optimize fleet usage

Lindzie Fleet Management allows fleet managers to recreate and reproduce tracks and itineraries through a in-built map; while its scheduling and dispatch capability allows creation and assignment of task to a driver.

Reduce fuel costs

Harsh driving, speeding, excessive idle time, and out-of-delivery-route traveling, and many other customizable events can be configured to alert fleet managers; with system generated driver scorecards used for performance appraisals.

Minimize idling

According to a study conducted a collaborative effort by U.S Federal, State and Colorado government, shows that a fleet owner and operator would spend USD5,000 to USD12,000 per year in wasted fuel per truck, just to have engine idle daily.

Excessive idle times means substantial amount of unnecessary cost burden to fleet operators due to fuel wastage, higher maintenance cost due to higher engine wear and tear, and lower productively.

Recover stolen vehicles

Sometimes, recovering stolen vehicles may not be as straight forward as locating the physical whereabout of the fleet. Through Lindzie Fleet Management system, fleet managers can break down every single detail of the fleet to establish a chronological sequence of the event to uncover the true root cause of the theft; so that safety of your cargo, employee and vehicle are protected during the recovery process.

Reduce vehicle maintenance cost

A study from Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations shows that fleets leaving their engine idle can cost as much as USD2,000 per annum, on top of their regular repair and maintenance cost.

Lindzie supports over 700 GPS telematics devices.