Cargo Temperature

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Cargo Temperature

Tracking the cold chain transportation

The perishable food industry supply chain is a highly complex process that involves many handoff points. With Lindzie cargo temperature monitoring, you can monitor your cargo temperatures with real-time automated alerts through notification services and various charts and reports data for actionable results from start to finish. Lindzie reporting dashboard offer real-time access to data and reports directly from streamed from telematics devices, including temperature, quality and temperature, delivery precision, unloading frequencies, cargo ETA, and more, across the cold chain and its logistics.


Lindzie tracking and monitoring platform allows monitoring of temperature-sensitive cargo with access to data like temperature, security and allows you to offer best-in-class service to your customers.

Detect sudden temperature changes and deliver real-time alerts

Lindzie utilizes telematics and its associated temperature sensory device to capture cargo temperature-related variables, such as temperature (min, average, max, extreme), compartment, trips (loading, unloading point, distance) and fleet operating state (stationary, engine idle, traveling) and are transmitted to Lindzie platform for data processing.


Hence, any temperature change detected will render real-time alerts to fleet managers before the cargo load is compromised. In some scenarios, fleet operators would want to custom build certain automation capabilities that meet their operational needs. For example, autonomous temperature detection based on cargo types/loads, pre-trip temperature inspection and more. All the telematics data stored can generate proof-of-temperature reports on demand.