Driver Management

Automatically identify your driver with the vehicle he operates

Scheduling & Dispatch

Streamline driver management through process automation

Utilizing telematics tracking devices for vehicles and drivers, the driver management keeps track of all the driver’s work activities. Depending on unique organization needs, driver management streamlines and automates fleet operational processes, from changing shifts, human resource and payroll, and more.

Automatically identify driver using RFID or iButton

A unique key fob device, either utilizing iButton (in a form of key fob) or RFID (in a form of key fob or card), will be provided to driver. All drivers are required to have their key fob on them during their working hour to operate a vehicle.

Monitor driver trips, driver behavior, and performance; keep track of fleet assets

  • Associate a driver to a vehicle, aka “who is driving which vehicle”
  • Store driver information along with digitized documents
  • Interoperate with Lindzie Scheduling and Dispatch, where drivers get notified of new job assignments
  • Policy-control through a wide array of rule-based event definitions, with comprehensive on-demand reports
  • Seamless integration to Lindzie platform through APIs
  • Powerful interactive dashboards with rich alerting and management

Solving tactical shifts check-ins challenges through automation

Managing drivers in a 24/7 work-shift operation can sometimes be a daunting task. Things would get really complex when your organization practises hybrid-work shift. Driver management streamlines and automates highly complex shift-work processes based on conditional event-rules. For example, a driver could be automatically checked out from a vehicle when he enters a geofence, or when he checks into another truck.