IP Restriction

Protect your assets, prevent unauthorized access and lower the risk of attack

IP Restriction

Blocking Lindzie system access by IP address

IP restriction provides fleet operators to limit access to which IPs can access Lindzie system. As an Lindzie system administrator, you can restrict which IP addresses any users and/ or telematics devices in your organization can use to connect and access Lindzie suite of applications, be it through Lindzie API or user interface.


Using the IP restriction, Lindzie users can help protect against unauthorized access by ensuring that your organization’s security vulnerabilities, from software applications and telematics devices is drastically reduced.

Access restriction by users or devices

Lindzie IP restriction comes with a bunch of access control policy settings, such as IP address , subnet, IP address range, etc. Simply enable the access for a defined IP address, if you only allow your administrator to connect to Lindzie sever from a trusted IP.


Apply more rules onto your IP restriction setting console, if you want to your telematics devices to only send data to your server from a specific address range, except for one address within that range.