Telematics Devices

Lindzie extensively supports over 700 GPS telematics devices and the number is growing.

Addressing all sorts of uses cases, from the entry level to the most complex fleet operations across various verticals.

Telematics Devices Overview
lindzie fleet management chat instant messaging
Lindzie chat feature allows seamless real-time messaging between fleet managers and field workers. Devices without chat capability would still be able to achieve faultless chat messaging via extended SMS feature.
telematics device command configuration
Through the custom configuration commands, fleet managers can customize configuration commands of their telematics devices based on their unique operational control policies to meet their ever demanding business needs.
lindzie fleet management telematics device management
By taking advantage of the device management feature, fleet managers to send large volumes of configuration commands over thousands of telematics devices, regardless of device protocols.
lindzie fleet management telematics device management
Lindzie Short Message Service (SMS) capability allows wide arrays of SMS-based communication between Lindzie server and telematics devices, including SMS-based telematics command, user notifications and more.
The faulty device monitoring would provide monitoring over the telematics devices uptime and usage, and pinpoints the faulty units based on the duration of the devices being in offline state.
The system terminal provides additional control and management over your telematics devices by understanding the raw data exchange between your tracking devices and Lindzie telematics platform.
Choosing a device?

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