Scheduling & Dispatch

Streamline your jobs, schedule and manage your activities and track progress in realtime

Scheduling & Dispatch

The most  efficient way to manage your field workers

Lindzie management platform allows operators to schedule, dispatch, track and manage their field workers in the most effective and efficient way. You can quickly to create jobs for your field workers, locate and assign the closest available fleet to complete a task.


Whether you are running a delivery service, repair and maintenance service, adhoc job or routine task, you can easily create and assign jobs in many different ways, import jobs in CSV file and more.

Assign task to your field work directly on a map

You can create job creation and job assignment directly on the map. This is particularly useful when all you need to do is to drop a pin onto the desired location and the system will automatically capture the location geocodes.

lindzie dispatch mobile app
lindzie dispatch map mobile app

Operational efficiency through mobility

Lindzie mobility offers both mobile apps in iOS and Android and mobile responsive web app for improved accessibility. You can create and assign jobs, get notified when tasks are updated, and receive alerts straight from your apps.


The app navigation capability features the turn-by-turn navigation, real-time job management, and offline capability for employees who operate without Internet connectivity. Send realtime updates so that you can stay connected with your mobile workforce.