Qualified Drivers

Idling Wastes Fuel – Plenty Of Them

Fuel wasted while idling is a major expense for the trucking industry. Almost 1 billion gallons of fuel are wasted every year in the U.S. by trucks idling. Avoiding five minutes of idling each day can save USD35-115 every year, depending on the size of your gas tank.

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Autonomous Seaport

Waiting Time Causes Millions Of Dollars In Revenue Losses

Waiting time in dispatching a vehicle translates into impact on your bottom line, particularly perishable cargo that are time and temperature sensitive. Cargo deterioration can result in heavy loss of value; and delivery delay means economic loss.

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Crowdsourced Drivers

On-Demand Delivery Is De-Facto Standard

In today’s digital era, from e-commerce, courier to restaurants, the on-demand economy sets its bar higher. Consumers expect quick and convenient delivery option, without having concerns over extra charges.

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Enterprise Solutions

Lindzie fleet management platform offers extensive range of solution offerings, from baseline deployment such as realtime tracking and monitoring, alerts to reporting; to customized and integrated applications to suite different vertical and business needs.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Increase vehicle fleets productivity and throughput capacity while drastically reduce scheduling related coordination activities with fully dispatch and job optimization.

On-Demand Delivery

Empower on-demand last mile delivery to expand market footprint and reach out customers in new territories, grow revenue faster by enabling same day delivery.